Popshots Business

;"Welcome to POP SHOTS

Let’s introduce you to Pop Shots: the hottest new soda trend...with a twist. We’ve all seen the gargantuan lines at soda shops, and let’s face it, we’ve waited in them too. But now, you don’t have to.  

However you like your soda—dirty, twisted, shaken, stirred—we’ve got you covered. Pop Shots are the solution to all your soda cravings when you’re on-the-go; simply get your favorite 32 oz. soda and pour in one of your favorite Pop Shots! So even if you’re pumping gas, at the office, or hiding in the pantry from your kids, all you need to do is grab your Pop Shots and melt away into carbonated bliss. 

So what exactly are Pop Shots? 

  • High quality soda syrups to flavor any 32 oz. soda
  • Individual and convenient 1 oz. sachet packages
  • Made with real, choice ingredients
  • Taste like paradise (Don’t just take it from us; try it for yourself.)

Pop Shots currently come in four, delicious flavors including Coconut, Vanilla, Sugar-Free Coconut, and Sugar-Free Vanilla. Our Pop Shots packets are also a safer and more sanitary alternative to public drink mixers that people are constantly touching, so it’s a great way for you to get your soda fix without the risk of exposure 

What are you waiting for? Shop now to join the soda craze! 

The Pop Shots Team