Flavors Gourmet started with a mission to get high quality, gourmet ingredients into the hands of small business owners. What began as a small business in one man’s garage has evolved into a thriving business with a warehouse full of products.

Major distributors of commercial ingredients often require purchase minimums well beyond what small business could use in a year. Historically, Flavors Gourmet became the middle man, purchasing the minimums from the big companies and re-distributing it in smaller quantities to businesses across the country. From chocolatiers to ice cream makers, we have helped hundreds of small businesses get access to the gourmet products they need.

Today, we have created our own brand of products, bringing the same high quality ingredients and the same savings to home users. We will continue to provide excellent service and product delivery to those using in commercial kitchens and production lines, while seamlessly integrating a line of products better suited for your personal use.

We are committed to supporting the excellence and creativity that you would expect from a brand of flavors that is ‘gourmet.’ Get creative, make a mess, and discover all the possibilities with Flavors Gourmet.